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Only a perfect software testing company can assure that things are flowing smoothly for your applications. We don’t only help in functionality and various other pores of applications, it would be right to say indirectly, we enhance your business. We have infrastructure various types of requirements for software testing. Some software testing services are listed below
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Comprehensive Manual Testing
  • End-to-end manual testing services to ensure software quality and functionality
  • Test case design, execution, and defect reporting for thorough coverage
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Functional Testing
  • Verifying the software functions as intended and meets the specified requirements
  • Performing manual tests to validate the functionality of individual features and components
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Regression Testing
  • Conducting manual regression testing to ensure that software updates or changes do not introduce new defects or issues
  • Re-executing test cases to verify that previously working functionality remains unaffected
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Usability Testing
  • Evaluating the user-friendliness and overall user experience of software applications
  • Conducting manual tests to assess ease of navigation, intuitiveness, and adherence to usability standards
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Compatibility Testing
  • Ensuring that software applications function correctly across different platforms, browsers and devices
  • Manually testing compatibility on various configurations to identify any compatibility issues
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Localization and Internationalization Testing
  • Verifying that software applications are properly adapted to different languages and locales
  • Conducting manual tests to ensure proper language translations, date formats, currency symbols etc
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User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Support
  • Assisting clients in conducting user acceptance testing to validate software against user requirements
  • Collaborating with stakeholders to create UAT test cases and providing support throughout the process
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Exploratory Testing
  • Conducting ad-hoc testing to discover software defects that might not be covered by predefined test cases
  • Applying domain knowledge and experience to explore different scenarios and uncover potential issues
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Documentation Review and validation
  • Reviewing software documentation such as user manuals, release notes and technical specifications
  • Validating the documentation accurately reflects the software features and functionality
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Testing Reporting and Documentation
  • Providing comprehensive test reports that outline test coverage, results, and identified defects
  • Documenting test artifacts, including test plans, test cases, and test scripts for future reference
Advantages of QA Testing
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Enhanced Quality

Reduce more manual workforce that performs repetitive testing and prone to errors. Employ humans in strategic task as a sure shot solution to excel in mundane tasks with 100% consistent and for best results

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Cost Effective

Identification of errors at the right time can save man hours reduce cost and can fix problems faster and also you can test multiple times until the results are satisfactory

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Faster to the Market

Achieve accelerated application delivery cycles without compromising code quality with the help of quick tester to deliver at the time.

Tools We Use For QA Services
We use the best QA tools for various testing activities to maintenance and analyze your requirements to figure out the suitable tool for your application.
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